Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Happy Birthday to the Blu

 Happy Birthday to The Blu~man!
Sheesh, I can't believe it's been 9! years
since this wonderfully~wacky, scary~smart, touch of alien dna,
 child who will ToTaLLy get Monty Python, came into Our Lives.

AND He shares His birthday with none other, than Dr. Seuss.

Every year, He decides what kind of cake He would like. If Their birthdays fall on a week day, that means Twice to the Mixology, My Kitchen.
For the Class, He decided on Strawberry cupcakes with Chocolate Frosting.
I will tell You, that, that had Me a bit nervous. I kept thinking, {needlessly, it turns out} that the Kids wouldn't like it, since They are so finicky with just plain Chocolate or Yellow cake.
They LoVed the cupcakes.
I went completely packaged on this one.
Strawberry cake mix, Chocolate can~frosting.
I did use these nifty cupcake wrappers that let You make cupcakes without a pan.

Naturally, I didn't discover this til I wasted time running around to The Relatives houses to borrow the freakin pans...

Of course, in the rushing around, I also forgot to take pictures 
of the finished product.

The Blu~man's school had Literacy Night tonight, too.
They were given one word,
and using supplies around the house,
had to create a costume.

His was Ancient.

I grabbed two squares of fabric.
Folded the Brown fabric in half; cut neck hole.
Make sure and test on childs head after each cut!

 I placed a few stitched on the shoulder bunches, and used a trim to tie "gathers".
Then, taking two corners of the Red fabric, pulled each corner into a "gather" for the Cape.
I cut moderate slits around the bottom edge of the Brown fabric for the Roman "skirt".
Then with Orange GLiTTeR,  I drew out a Shield, and the word Ancient on the front of the Tunic.
Using a piece of illustration board, I cut out a Sword, then used Silver GLiTTeR to decorate that.
The Belt was scrap trim.
It took less than 2 hours.
And if I would have just taken 5 minutes to take out My Sewing machine, it would have been less!

The Kids LoVed the Cupcakes and Literacy Night was a hit.
Happy Birthday Blu!

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