Wednesday, March 3, 2010

PineaPPLe UpSide Down cake

This was The Dad's favorite cake.
PineaPPLe UpSide Down cake....

It has become The Brother's favorite, also.
If You read My previous rant about Him doing His last minute switch~a~roo
fear not;
I did NOT leave Him duct taped to a tree.

I made this cake for years for The Dad's birthday.
It's a very simple cake to make really
and it's also a very simple recipe to adjust.
With most of My cakes, I just use a cake mix.
For now.
I'm hoping this summer to whip up some Notions & Potions time,
play around with recipes from scratch.
Imagine all the varied flavours and spices I get to create with in
Mixology, My Kitchen!
as usual, I digress....
Do I?


PineaPPLe Cake mix
Eggs, Oil, Water ~ according to package mix
1 stick of BuTTer
Light Brown Sugar
Dark Brown Sugar
1 to 2 cans PineaPPLe Rings or Chunks
13x9 Cake Pan/Dish

Drain PineaPPLe.
Melt the BuTTer and measure out the Brown Sugar.
I use a combination of Light and Dark.
1/2 cup Light
1/4 cup Dark

Stir the Sugars and BuTTer together until completely mixed; no sugar bits.
Place your PineaPPLe into the mixture.

Make up the cake according to the package directions.

Pour cake batter over PineaPPLe mixture. I pour from the middle,
straight over the top so that it flows into the corners.
I bake mine at, *350,
for about an hour.
At 45 mins., check your cake batter.
Wooden Chopsticks that you get from the Chinese Take~out are FANTASTIC for this!
Go for 15 min. intervals until done.

CooL completely.
I set mine on top of four glasses to help the bottom cool faster.

Flip onto cookie sheet or other suitable tray/plate.

Got Milk?

Use a sheet of wax paper for cover for transport.
I LoVe how it looks.
For what ever reason, I feel like I'm in an old time store.


1}  Pineapples ~ I actually prefer the Chunk variety. I will usually use two cans {unsweet if possible} because I like a LOT of coverage on the cake.

2} Light and Dark Brown Sugar ~ It really depends on how you like it. I like more Light than Dark, but I like the way the dark makes a slight "crust". This would have to be based on your tastes. If anything, try half and half,  then groove on from there.

3}"Accessories" ~ Cherries, Coconut flakes, things of that nature. I don't. You may. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. I promise. The Pineapple Police will not come get You.

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