Monday, March 8, 2010


GrEEn is Spring!

We're ALL ready for warmer weather.
Even Wynter is ready for Spring.
Its Time.

This clock says so.
Clocks are one of those objects that I love and get around to making,
but I always find that Others do it better.
I just adore the simple retro design of this clock.
The Oldest Son loves Green and I have this on his Yulemas Gift List.


Simpleness of this design is the biggest reason
I really like it.
I'm a big fan of  solid color shirts,
preferring to add "decor"
through My jewelry. 
Slip on this bracelet and
complete it with simple silver hoop earrings.
and She recycles.
You should really check out her Milk Jug Flower pieces also.

 The BabyGirl has an affinity with birds.
Seeing Ami at Miami Ink a few years ago
do a beautiful green rendition of these birds in a tattoo,
My interest has gone up too.
So, these can make a nice pair of earring for The BabyGirl
and I'll get the tattoo!

In the 80s I wore a version of light green EyE shadow  that I had a lot of fun with.

I now own a green eyeliner pencil,
that really makes my eyes stand out 
{alas, if only it didn't smudge so much!}
Seeing this assorted green set,
makes Me want to start wearing shadow again.
Especially the Second One.
Priscilla agrees!

Now it just wouldn't be Color Day if I didn't have some Mary Janes to show.
This time I have two sets, one Casual, one Dressy {and of course, too small for ME!}

Casual for Early Grey, 
Dressy for dinner with The Man......

Imagine enjoying a piece of this candy while wearing either!
Green Tea and Black SeSame Seed White Chocolate...
Oh My. That sounds Delish.
If I'm going to try some,
I really should order them before Our "Southern Summer" starts
and it gets to hot.

Naturally, Spring isn't Spring without a bit of ShEEp!

I love ShEEp. I couldn't resist this

Green Splat Clock

Plastic PoP Bottle Bracelet
Green Shadows


  1. {Psychedelicsister~ I know! It never fails. Every time I find a pair that are really nice they are always to small. And it's such a pretty shade of green, which is not always my favorite shade.