Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring has Sprungeth

 The Family loaded up and went right on over to 
The Home Depot
to finally get Our Garden.
They were having a KiLLer sale on Seed Packets, too.

Last year We had out the starting gate success. Started off great, then just went away. We are going to try it again.
We have:
Squash [seed and plant}
2 types of PumPkin {carving and cooking}
Cucumbers {plant}
Green Beans {seeds}
Sweet Peas {seeds}
Sunflowers {seeds}
Leeks {plant}
2 types of TomaToes {plant}, 
one being the Creole, 
developed right here at home {support your local economy}

 For the Beauty Garden:
Rosemary {plant}
Lavender {plant}
Chamomile {seeds}

For the Floral Garden:
Gladiolas {bulbs}
Morning Glories {seeds}
Moon Vine {seeds}
California PoPPy {seeds}

All the Trees are doing well coming back:
Asian Plum

Due to all the wacka wacka weather,
We will be starting everything in containers
and then moving them to the square foot garden later.

I want to add an Apricot tree this year.

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