Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Simple Meals ~ Steak and Salad

My DaDDy could coOk a Steak. 
He taught Me how to cOok a Steak....
Plain and Simple.

My DaD was a true Steak man.
Lunch or 
Especially fond of adding home made Hash Browns for a 3am meal.
Or Fried eGGs for Breakfast.

If He was to use any condiment, it might be A1.

I've tried it marinated in Italian salad dressing.

I've tried it covered in Tony Chachere's 
{No Thank You. Leave it for The Crawfish}

I've tried it Blackened, which is just burnt meat.

Nope. Let's just stay with the tried and true Simple.
Garlic Powder or Fresh Garlic
Soy Sauce {low sodium}

Decent Steak ~I always get a T~Bone. Make sure it has a bit of fat, it doesn't have to be over loaded with fat. If it's too dry its just beef jerky, right?

Broil for at least 10 minutes on one side.
We like a Bit of RaRe in our Steaks, 
so approximately 5 to 7 minutes on the flip side. 
I always use The Womb Fruits steak to cut and test, cause, I'm gonna cut it anyway.

I am bleSSed with A Family who really does LoVe Fruits and Vegetables. That's one big reason I hope Our Gardening takes off.
Salad Mixologist Ingreeds
Red Onion
Tomato {your favorite will do}
Feta Cheese, crumbled
Olive Oil
Lemon juice
Salt & PePPer

With Lettuce in a Bag, its super simple. A bit pricey maybe, but worth a splurge once in a while for convenience. 
Throw in and layer some diced Red Onion, chopped Roma Tomato, sliced Cucumber, generously shower with Feta Cheese, squeeze of Lemon, Salt & PePPer, capful or two of Olive Oil and Voila!

  A nice Mediterranean type salad. 

Most of the Time, I'll have enough left over Steak and Salad for a light Lunch the next day, which makes it even beTTer, Taste wise and economy wise.

and No matter what sides You add, 
the Simpler the steak, 
the beTTer it is

My DaDDy could coOk a Steak!

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