Saturday, March 27, 2010

Priscilla's Earthly Delights ~ 6

Now we can have Improm~tutu Cappacinno KaraoKe at home...
The Chook Man totally sweeted me out by buying a cappacinno machine.
Even Priscilla needs to put her feet up and relax for a bit.

I love CoFFee.
My DaD would bring me the most perfect cup of CoFFee Milk 
many times at 5am when He was getting ready to work.
All warm and toasty and cozy, go back to sleep.
Therefore, CoFFee is relaxing to Me.

I love CoFFee Shops
I remember the magic of coffee shops when they were new, 
a gathering of artists, cops, students, people with stories and adventures ...
it was so CooL.

Then They became Corporated and Chained.  
I have to compete with suits talking loudly on their cell phones, 
and students who have come to the coffee shop and expect you to treat it like a Library. 
This isn't the Library, I'm allowed to talk. Pfffhht!
cause, Improm~tutu  Cappacinno KaraoKe will not be held back!
and the prices! good grief.

The Chook Man,
decided that The Priscilla and I {cause Chook's my King} 
should be able to enjoy this luscious beverage any time we damn well please. 
Even sky clad if wanted!

After a bit of google`izing, I found a decent one. 
We headed off to the 3Bs but alas, the website had been wrong. They didn't have it.
The Chook Man being the Techno TiTan that he is 
{ I got my Nerd with my Superhero! winkwink}
whips out his Swiss army cell phone and withing a short digital flip of the timekeeper, 
we discovered that Dillards had them.
Lucky Me,
it was right across the street, in the mall, but across the street.
Before you know it we were riding the great escalator to higher standing.  
And there is was.
And it was on sale!

pa pa pa POW!
Kismet Lucky 13...

Priscilla skipped around in circles like a 3 year old.

ok ok, you may be thinking, its just a coffee machine. 
Yes, yes that is correct, but its what that coffee machine means to me. 

Indulgence without the expense.  
Its meditation in a cup...all relaxation and rainbows.
And believe it or not,
Staying at home ALL the time is not all cracker jack.

So as I bring this session of Earthly Delights to an end,
I raise my cup to you and say 
Hey, how are you?
Got a Story?

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