Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Bathroom Remodel ~ Mini Phase III

The next phase was to get The Brother Who Is Younger, to come and install my POCKET DOOR frame.
{the door will be in next week}

This entails shoring up the ceiling so the beam won't sag
and my roof doesn't end up being a sky~light.

and since Our House is about 2.13 inches crOOked in EVERY direction,
there were all kinds of 1/8ths, and 7/5ths, and .333 of an inch, to consider, and well, I suck at math. 
Basically we are about 1/2 off from being an Alice in Wonderland house...I digress.

Over the course of two nights, at about 2 hours each, he had success!
Next step is to get The Tile Guy to do the inside wall.

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