Monday, March 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Little Bro and mucho to do oh..

oh my goodness....Overwhelmed seems to be today's fashion statement.
Priscilla taps her toes, glaring more than a bit,
for She is not a happy drag queen today. 
The stress is making Her glitter run. 

Hello, Monday.

Today is my brothers birthday, He's 10 1/2 months younger than Me. We are actually twins right now!! and its a really grand thing that I love him.
Otherwise, I might just have to duct tape him to a tree somewhere and leave him.  
After deciding He wanted banana cake three days ago, 
and Me buying the supplies two days ago, 
He switches to pineapple upside down cake one day ago...... 

Now i have to go to the store today, again.

The Blu~man has a Literacy night for tomorrow night, which also happens to be his birthday. Which means I'm also making cupcakes. AND a Costume.

Strawberry cupcakes with chocolate frosting {we're going the Duncan Hines route this time} for his class tomorrow.  His party is Saturday, of which he wants a banana cake. That ones from scratch.

They are basing Their costumes on one word, and You have to use something around the house. Easy enough.....I have PLENTY of supplies.

Not only is the oven cooking, so is Priscilla. 
The heat is on, and I ain't singing Dixie heat. 
Ok. So first thing ~ make a to do list.

Breathe again.
Evil scientist, Sugar fairy, doesn't matter just laugh.

Put on EyELiner & Lipstick
{I rather fancy a soft glittery pink lipstick, makes me feel YummY}
Open windows, crank up the attic fan
Incense and candles.

Now, We're cOOking!

On to the baking...
First things first ~ Cupcakes and Cake.
Pineapple upside down cake.
Bring cake to said Brother's house, and eat.
This is my brother's birthday present.
He gets one every year for his birthday and for Yulemas.

 Feeling satisfied and accomplished, I settle down for the evening. G'night.

Coco Jumbo ~ Mr. President

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