Sunday, March 28, 2010

Spring Break Holidays and a Scavenger Hunt

Spring hOliday is upon us.
Spring break.
And for our holiday we are off on a Scavenger hunt.

The Blu Man's grade are doing a Scavenger hunt to learn all about our great state of Louisiana.

It was a gorgeous day, chilly, sunny, although a bit on the windy side
{must have something to do with all those tea baggers hanging around the capital blowing hot air...}

I do have to say I am proud of My Self
for getting on it and getting it done.
We took advantage of our week off to go to places
and knock off the Scavenger List.
Over half the list was done, and there is still two months? to finish.

We headed downtown to color a rubbing of the date Louisiana became a state.

We took pictures of officials.

We headed over to the levee, and watched the river swirling by in a swift rhythm.

We rolled down grassy hills.

We checked out the "bullet hole"
from the shooting of our great governor Huey P. Long.

It was a wonderful week spent adventuring with The Kiddos, 
with the added benefit of extended relaxation knowing we won't be panicking at the last minute!

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