Saturday, March 13, 2010

Priscilla's Earthly Delights ~ 5

 The Man does it again!
I am spoilt.
Oh my my, Oh hell yes, got to put on that party dress.....

When I first saw this dress, 
I immediately thought of one of my favorite Blogger~Betties 
{as I so Affectionately call my fellow Betties who blog} 

~Ms Lemondrop over at Lemondrop Vintage.

{Check out the "Doubly Sweatered and All Tied Up" piece.}

I've always had a thing for Crochet Clothes.
The Sleeves are unlined 
which adds more seasonal wear time, 
maybe even into early summer.
I'll let you know.

Bonus: LENGTH.
All though, on the model it looked short,
its actually more knee length,
top knee on Me. I'm 5' 5"

The Man says: Let Me buy~eth that for You, Love.


I absolutely LoVe when things are finally frui~ited.
I've been moOning over this purse for a bit now; I needed a nice purse for those Special Days. 
Like date night with my The Man.

The Man says: Let me buy~eth that for You, Love.

Ok. "}

 These sweetlings are from one of my favored Etsy shops: 
Mia Beads
Upon first sight of these, this whole outfit just got Happy.

It was Peace, LoVe, and grOOviness.

The Man says: You want those too?


It's not delightful for Priscilla if there isn't a little Lagniappe.

Drugstore find; am thinking it will be Really nice for Our beach trip this summer. It's a very pale LiLac.
I am not a mall person. Not since high school. But perchance the occasional foray into that steel jungle, I may come away with some treats.

These were all found at Icing. 
This kick arse card holder. More than that.
Id, cash, a pack of rice paper powder tissues, 
you may have club potential.
Maybe add a small chain......
Butterfly earrings: may or may not have the right dress yet.
But pair it with a Vintage hair style
{definitely an up~do}
and there's a picture forming.
Peace ring
can never have enough, right?

Even Priscilla needs it simple sometimes.
Thank you to The Man!

Lemondrop Vintage

Doubly Sweatered and All Tied Up post

Crochet Dress ~ Forever 21

Leather Compartment Pouch Handbag ~ Northstyle,1416&GEN1=Bags+%26+Belts&T1=N21536&dispRow=522&srccode=

Mia Beads

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