Thursday, March 18, 2010

Bathroom Remodel ~ Mini Phase IV

the rest of the wall, the niche, and the floor...

After The Brother put in the pocket door frame, 
The Tile Guy came and finished the sheet rock and tile for that wall.

and then He did the floor.

He put the niche in, and tiled it. If I had any complaints it would be this. The inside is more slanted than I think it should be, but I will wait and see if its do~able, or a re~do~able.

this is where the small mirror and soap dish will set

The dOOr has arrived!
I will be glaSS etching this one.
I'll be looking at Turkish Tile and tExtile designs
to simplify and use. 

next up:
To hang the Lights and hOOk~up the Sink and the Toilet.

Things are looking good!

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