Friday, October 29, 2010

Apple Cake

I LoVe Apple Cake.
It's an Autumn treat I look forward to every year. 
I used the same recipe from last year 
with GaLa apples.
The Gala apples really held up well 
and absorbed the Spices wonderfully.
I'm also a BIG fan of The Bundt Pan 
so the Apple Cake is always cooked in a bundt. 

Friday is a great day for Apple Cake because
Friday is ruled by Venus,
and apples are the perfect offering for Her.

I actually only used 4 of these {small/medium}apples 
and still had about 1/2 cup extra, which I used. 

The Delightful Daughter has great fun
sifting the flour with 
my Grandmother's old crank sifter. 
Cream Sugar, Butter, add Eggs...

Fold in 1/3 Flour mixture,
add half the buttermilk and fold,
1/3 Flour mixture,
second half of buttermilk,
last of the Flour mixture,
Apples, & Walnuts.
Bake at *350 for approx. 45 minutes.
Check with wooden chopstick 
(or skewer or toothpick}
to see if the inside is done.
You may have to do 10 minute cook~ments.
Watch for burnage.

Until a deep dark golden brown

I let my cake cool completely before removing.

Slice and serve.
I like mine with coffee,
The Delightful Daughter likes her's with whipped cream,
The Big and Little DuDes like their's as is,
walking around, 

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