Friday, October 8, 2010


[after Snoopy blows a lone leaf into a pile of leaves that Charlie Brown has raked]
Thanks, old pal. 

The most famous Brown~ 
The Chook Man. 
Time to dust off those old classics.

Brown isn't the dull color that many peeps take it for.
It's a very Luscious color,
with hidden jewel tones
like reds, ambers, golds.
Just like Autumn,
and October.

 I've always LoVed the jaunty cloche.
I've never worn them because of my hair.
I think I might just do it this year though!

These two pieces are just Splendid.

This piece is:
Perfume carrier..
what is there NOT to LoVe!

and this... I just like this....a lot!
 It really has character.

ok, this is just funny..

This apron does two things: 
*reminds me of my grandmother
*makes me want to start 
cooking for the Holidays...
I've already picked out some new recipes. 

These two LoVeLies are 
perfect for those Holiday parties.
add Coffee brown eyeliner and light pink lipstick..
Splendid, Darling.

These Mary Janes would be great to have on those 
days of running around and errands.
Especially the extra running around that goes with Parties and Holidays.
I'm so over flip~flops and sandals, although they have their uses. 
My feet long for real shoes!
Pretty and practical, jeans or a dress... 

 Brown Cloche Hat ~ Kohl's;jsessionid=glCdMnzPQWr6bNsqppjcvf8sKXGQDx94WzzmNzNmSLw0clTw3hVN%21-1430734750%211091945961#=

Vintage Bakelite Heart Pendant ~ Vintage Station

Victorian Jacket in Brown Printed Leatherette ~ Flowersun

1950's Gold and Print Apron ~ Chrissyjosimpy5

Coppery Pearls and Silk necklace ~ Will Oak's Studio

Black and Grey Bearded Hat ~ Taraduff

 Brown Mary Janes ~ Old Baltimore Vintage

Little Hedgehog necklace


  1. I love brown, and I especially love brown Mary Janes.

  2. {Lizzie ~ Aren't those a great pair? With a flirty skirt and a jacket...