Sunday, October 3, 2010

Our Saturday in New Orleans and The Cult

the cult at the house of blues
For this being my all time favorite band, 
I would say even beating out Def Leppard by a mere smidgen, 
but beat non the less...
I have never seen them in concert.  
The timing was never right...
until right now.
I've been stalking the website tour section for four years!  that's a LOT of visualization ...
So what's a Holiday HoHo Queen to do?
Make a wEEkEnd of it!

  Envie coffee shoppe.

Besides the concert, I planned on hitting some of the resale/vintage shoppes. 
There's a few mid~century modern type pieces
I would like to have.

First things first, Lunch!
We went to Mona's ~ 
they have great lamb and hummus.
The fried Kibby is perfect 
for a late  lunch 
when you don't have time 
for dinner

After a lunch like that, 
I am in desperate need of Java.
Our favorite coFFee shoppe, Envie, 
is a block or two up from Mona's 
so we stopped for a roving java 
then down to Southern Candymakers
for my Walnut Fudge. 

The Chook Man picked this way, so that way we went.
Fifteen minutes later, we walked into
Greg's Antiques on Decateur,
and scored two mid century modern type chairs
in what looks to be very good condition.
I think it may even have the original,
although wacky print, fabric.
I haven't had time to really
get into the chairs yet,
but I'm excited.

Priscilla will be debuting those beauties this weekend.
After a totally excellent morning and afternoon, 
it was time to push it on through to tonight.

We headed to The House of Blues for our evening with The Cult.
The icing on that cake was the opening band..The Black Ryder.
Met up with some old friends, 
threw up some attitude to the rail~stealing wanna be's 
{HEY! should have got here when the DOORS opened}, 
and had a cracker jack time.

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