Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Ghosty Movies for Ze Family

Our whole family LOVEs vintage movies.
We are big fans of Don Knots, Abbot and Costello,Danny Kaye...
you get the picture.
Two movies in particular are absolutely great favorites:

The Ghost and Mr. Chicken
The Time of Their Lives

These vintage movies are just cracker jack.

The Blu man gets kicks out of any kind of slapstick comedy,
The Lolly Babe gets the whole experience,
I like the clothes,
The Chook Man likes the main actors..
It's a Family Affair!

The Bonus of course, is that The Kiddos will grow up with
a really cool sense of history and a wide
variety of tastes and knowledge.
Hopefully with an Appreciation and Uniqueness which will bring enjoyment to them.

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