Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Dry Weather Moisturizing

  Now that the weather is cooling off, 
my skin is heading towards parchment.
My hands too. 
It's been super dry around here..cooler, but dry.
This is just a quick review of some 
thirst quenching moisturizing products I like enough to say so.

One of my absolute faves
for the Lips is
Lipscription by Benefit 
which I discovered as I went to link it, 
has been discontinued. 
So now I will be on the hunt for a new lip therapy....sigh.

but these are still here:

Burt's Bees Moisturizing Creme ~ this is my all time best moisturizing creme I have ever found. I still suffer from breakouts, and Burt's Bees does not aggravate it at all. It's very light, absorbs quickly, and for me, does not leave a film or slick. For an oily prone girl, this is a life send. I don't have to forgo the all vital moisturizing and look broom hilda.  I use this as my base, putting it on right after washing, so that it will be set when it's time for the rest of my makeup.

My hands look way! older due to the abuse they have constantly taken over the years. As much as I try to be diligent about the Hands, they tend to slip by the wayside. When I do remember to add the Hands, Burt's gives me a quick relief.  My cuticles look and feel better also.  I need to just put the damn jar on my studio table and every time I pop on some of those gloves, slather up.

KoKum Butter ~ this is a new addition to my Beauty Bling.  It is supposed to be most helpful to damaged older skin {aka ~ I come from a generation of baby oil bake!athon}. It is a solid butter, and requires mild heating for flow~ocity. I scrape a bit out of the jar, and rub it vigorously between my hands to melt it. You could make it easier by going ahead and melting it to liquid form {you will have to add something to it, to keep in liquid form, or it will go back to solid when it cools}.  I have a coffee cup warmer, and a small ramekin type cup that makes it easy to heat and melt each time. 
Yes, I do see a difference.  I try to use it at least 2 ~ 3 times a week; not always successful!
When I do use it, I can see a difference. The Chook Man has noticed also. That's a plus, yall.
Purchased from Mountain Rose Herbs.

Mineral Water ~  water obviously, is in the Top 3! I just get so tired of tap water. To keep my self hydrated and bribe my self to drink more, I will splurge on Mineral Water. I LoVe the Fizz...

Now is the time to start your diligent beauty routine
for Autumn Adventures and Wynter Wonderland.  
Bring out your best Party Priscilla by pampering your skin.
You'll be a Glow~Glow, when you Go~Go.

KoKum Butter ~ Mountain Rose Herbs

Burt's Bees Moisturizing Creme

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