Monday, October 4, 2010

Wooden Knob Picture Frames

  With all the School Pictures, Holidays,
Vacations, etc. coming up,
here's a perfect way to show off your favorite pictures.

Years and Years ago, I think it was in a magazine,
I saw this project and immediately wanted to do it.
And now I have!

Large Wooden Knob Balls with flat bottoms
{the bigger ones are better}

Sawing implement, preferably a band saw

Glass {from a cheap frame or cut your self}



If you are Lucky enough 
to have access
to a band saw,
I highly recommend using it for this.
I used a hand saw,
and although it got the job done,
it wasn't very neat.
Plus it's very hard to 
get the opening width right.

Mark your line from the top of the knob
to the hole on the bottom.
Also, mark the width of the glass
so you know how wide to make the cut.

Saw until just a bit past the center.
This will help add stability.

Once you have cut 
the rough opening,
test it by placing 
the glass piece{s}
into it.
You want the piece{s} snug,
but not so snug that you are 
NOT getting in a tug
of war with glass!

I only used one piece of glass,
with the cardboard backing.

You also want to test it by placing it
on a table to make sure it's not tipping over.

I did have this problem with the first knob,
and I believe it was because the opening was to wide.

Use your file to clean up the inside
and the edges.

Decorate to your liking!


I used acrylic paint and mod podge,
but I really want to try staining it with

and of course,
there must be some with GLiTTeR~

must find band saw!! 



  1. I love this idea!! I think I'm going to have to add it to my list of crafty things to try. Thanks for giving such a great walk through.

  2. {Eric ~ Hey! thanks. I really want to bump these up to looking, cleaner and neater. They really are fun...