Thursday, October 21, 2010

Black Felt Cat


 I found this project in Creepy Crafty Halloween

It's the Black Cat that goes with the doll.
I'm not very talented with a needle,
and this was a perfect practice project.

I just used what I had on hand:

Black Felt
Black Upholstery thread
Copper Metallic thread
GLiTTeR ~ Carnelian {marthastewart collection}
Elmers glue
Sewing Needles

I would have much preferred to outline the felt and then cut, 
but due to a lack of any kind of chalk ANYwhere in my House! 
I pinned and cut around.

Use the Copper Metallic thread to stitch on a face,

Using the Upholstery thread, I sewed the pieces together,
 flipped right side out, and stuffed.
Use a dull pencil or chopstick to get the very tips of the Ears and Tail.

 After stuffing, turn the bottom edges in,
and loop stitch shut.

I made a bow tie with Elmers,
poured on the GLiTTeR,

You could use them:
* as a Trick or Treat treat for a special one
* Halloween tree decor
*Autumn sachet filled with Spices



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