Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Glammed Up Halloween Decor

 I still LoVe these simple wooden decorations. 
They are SO versatile!
which means, 
you probably won't run out of ways to decorate them.

One big checkmark in their favor is they are very inexpensive, and very abundant 
in art craft stores.
They are perfect for The Womb Weebles. 


I've seen many people over the years
who do Halloween Trees, 
and these would be a FanTasTic way to dress it up.

I had a couple of the pumpkins left from the Classroom Project last year {alas, so far, no projects this year.}
The charming Bat has been in my possession a few years.

Let's play dress up.

things needed for Object de Halloween Art
 Wooden blanks in Various Shapes
GLiTTeR! a given!}
Glue of your choice, I used trusty Elemers
Colored Ink {or paint}
Soft paint brush
String for hanging


Start by staining or painting your Wooden Shape. 
Remember that these type wooden pieces 
will really soak up the liquid, 
so work quickly to spread the Color.  
The wood will damp, so to dry mine 
I set it under my work bench light.

Once the wood is dry, break open the GLiTTeR!
I used the Glitter on the PumPkin 
to imitate the grroves and vines, 
and just followed the curves on the Bat as you can see. 
Try mixing shades of GLiTTeR for a deeper effect.


Tie string on after dry, and Le Glammed Up Decor is good to go. 
Sparkle, Sparkle, 

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