Saturday, June 5, 2010

Planets, mOOns, and Star cOOkies


With another rainy day upon us, we did a cook day. 
It turned out quite LoVeLy.
While shake, rattle and rolling my brain grooves, 
trying to figure out how to turn basic Chocolate chip cookies 
into a Sci Fi thing, 
I came across some shaped cookie sheets 
I have had for YEARS [bought them from ABC}
and have never used. 
Guess what?
They were star shaped!
My brain is liking this grOOve.
So why not?

We used the recipe on the back of the chocolate chip bag, 
Taking turns with the ingredients, 
Taking advantage of teaching 
The Boy WonderWombFruit, measurements.


The first attempt with the Star cookie sheet was pretty decent.
I figured the cOOkie dough would pretty much melt into the mold.
Well, it sorta did.
Only on the bottom or molded part, where it browned more than I wanted it to. Approx. 9 ~ 10 minutes.
But Still TAsTy!

The second attempt I tried to smOOsh the dough in, gently, 
using a small, greased, spatula. It was a bit time consuming, but I'm chalking that up to it being the first time, and also only having two pans to cOOk with.
I cut the time on this one and better results. This batch was more approx. 8 minutes minus a few seconds.
Much better. The only problem with these it that the little~bits that over~hung the edge of the mold, burnt.
Honestly, that could be the pan
{cheapo pan}

THe majority were pretty perfect.
Once again, Still TAsTy!
Ok, so we have Stars.
Not up to filling and smOOshing the rest of the cOOkie dough into the star pans, I just finished off the last bit regularly.

Hmmmm, round, like a .....mOOn!
I mentioned this to The Fruits, 
and The Boy Wonder said "they could be planets too!"
Well, of course!
Everyone was pleased.
Even more so when we poured the Ice Cold Milk!

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