Friday, June 4, 2010

Robot Cuff Links...

 Check these out!!!
I found this on a fellow Bettie Blogger's site yesterday.
{check out Indie Sista's!} 
 These Robot Cuff Links.
They would make really cool earrings {with different backings of course!}
and from there I found from the same shop a Tie Tack that I would totally wear as a BrOOch.


Moving on I found these Pewter Charms from another shop.
I believe the Tie Tack is My Favorite.

Remember the Robot dance?
This kid is Insanely Talented at it...

Robot Cuff links ~ CosmicFireFly's Shop

Robot Charms ~ Bead Giant

Indie Sista's


  1. {Minky ~ I know! I wonder how well I could make one from Silver Clay?

  2. Great article thanks. I really enjoy reading your blog.

    I just bought this excellent bead book and I wanted to share it with everyone

  3. {anon ~ can never have to many books! thanks.