Tuesday, June 8, 2010


 Red Rocket
{better than a Red Corvette with Wings}

Ruby ~ Kaiser Chiefs

I'm a sucker for LoVe!

The perfect pair of Mary Janes' for Star Tripping...

Vintage Robot....wonder what He sees??

out of this world origami stars..
To see hundreds of these hanging from The Tree in Wynter time.

my most adored paint color, Cadmium Red Deep, of which this photo does no favors! 
I LoVe to use this as background coverage.
Our favorite blanket; EVERYone wants this blanket! soft and warm, ...

some Wall jewelry ~ the awesome print ~ Far Side of the mOOn
This would be So Righteous next to my Edward Gorey print!

Robby the Love Bot Robot Canvas Bag ~ Truly Sanctuary

Sweety Too Robot ~ Reclaim2Fame


  1. Those lil stars are super cute! Far side of the moon is gorgeous - how very dreamy.


  2. {Melissa ~ aren't they?? Can you imagine making those? lol. I would imagine it could be very meditative. I happened upon the painting at the last minute as I was finishing up the post.