Sunday, June 6, 2010

Firefly and Serenity

Now that the Hottness is upon us,  its a perfect excuse to lounge
and check out some Hottness of another kind.

The theme is again Firefly, 
here we are with another of my favorite Fireflies....
only one of THE BEST series to ever grace fox's channel, 
{that they were so dumb to let go!}

A mini~ summer~ viewing marathon Holiday.
Since Fireflies come out at night lets make this a late afternOOn / Night time thingy.

Make some Melted Brie and Bread,
a pot of Earl Grey,
Turkish Sour CheRRies,
Invite some Friends,

Firefly and Serenity are just enough sci~fi for me.
A buffed up kick arse version of Briscoe County Jr.
Sit back, press play, and Enjoy.

Firefly opening credits

Firefly {television show} ~ wikipedia

Serenity {movie} ~ wikipedia


  1. Firefly, Serenity & Brisco County, Jr. - could this post get any better?!

  2. {Reel ~ only if Bruce Campbell did a guest spot on Firefly and Serenity!!! lol