Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Creature from the Black Lagoon

no, wait, its, its....
its a Pelican covered in loads of icky yucky poisonous oil.

and that's not a Black Lagoon,
its , its, oh, that's just our Marshes and Beaches. 
Not important.


{i live in Louisiana, and I'm keeping my beach trip to Florida}
that's my way of helping and supporting.


  1. {Kris ~ it really is. The People living in these parts had just started recouping from Katrina and now this. {sigh}

  2. They still haven't learned. I wonder if it would be acceptable to those responsible if their children and grandchildren were covered in this crap?

    It's a lesson for each of us who do care about our world and it's inhabitants to do everything we can to keep our environment healthy.


  3. {Melissa ~ no, they haven't. and, no, they wouldn't. That's what so many people forget is that it isn't always the other person. Even I'M to the point where I'm in tears.

  4. God that sucks so much. Our poor animal world :(

  5. {Psyche ~ Now that they have that cap on, let's keep our fingers crossed that it can only get better!