Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Turkish Ice Cream sandwich...Out.of.this.WorLd~

  ok, so its just really damn good.....and delicious.
Many of the things I delight in are Turkish;
Turkish Delight being one of them.
But that's for another day, another bloggy spot.

Today is the Turkish Ice Cream sandwich. 
That's what I call it anyway.

It's this HUGE wafer disc, about the size of a plate,
and is layered with a thin thin layer of sweetened tahini

You break it in half, 
add Ice Cream to one half,
Squoosh the other half on top,

and you have
Turkish Ice Cream Sandwich.

I'll never forget the first time I saw A Turkish Lady eating one. 
She had like, 3 or 5 different {small} scoops
of Dondurma {Turkish ice cream} 
on this wafer disc.

I was, Fascinated!

Dondurma is the name for Turkish Ice cream, and is thicker and chewier than ours. 
The Flavors taste real, not added. 

Since I don't have access to Turkish Ice cream 
{but is one of three we will be trying to make this summer} 
I used regular Neapolitan. 
and only two scoops!
I rarely get to feast upon these, once every year or two.

Today, I splurged. I indulged. 
Was it worth it? 
Damn straight.


Wafer Halva

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