Sunday, June 13, 2010

Space Age Fashion

 This is what I would totally wear to a Trekkie Convention!
in a Heart beat.
The 60s "Space Age Fashion" is some of the most Fabulicious clothing
to have ever been made.
If I had to pick one reason why I LoVed them so much??

no, maybe its the Design...clean and simple.

no, wait, ...{shrugs} Who needs a Reason?

It really is a shame that I didn't learn sewing when I was younger.
 I could sew some in black and wear different colored tights.

Space Age Fashion ~ Barbarella style!

I visionize these in a butter yellow and cream combination for the jumper;
a dark gold and cream for the pants.
{although, now that I look at it, it's probably already that color}}

Only thing left to do now is figure out...
Captain Kirk or Major West???

Pierre Cardin fashion...wait for it.....1967!!
Angels in Orbit, 1969 {inspired by the moon landing}
Andres Courreges 1960s

Andres Courreges

1930s Futuristic Fashions ~ {I couldn't pass this one up!}

Richard Hayman The Look of LoVe Space~Age Fashion 1960s



  1. I'm a bit of a trekkie myself and those costumes are so cool!

  2. {Minky ~ I know, right? and of course, I'd have to do one in Silver! I just can't decide on black fishnets or silver fishnets....

  3. Either would work, depends on the colour of your shoes!....

  4. {Minky ~ shoes, No Problem! got that one covered.