Monday, June 14, 2010

Astro PoPs and PoP Rocks

Two of the CooLest Candies from My Childhood.
The absolute best was the Marathon Bar 
{can we have a moment of silence, in honor of THE Marathon Bar}

Astro PoPs and Rock Candy.

Astro PoPs were just CooL looking 
and they lasted longer than Willy Wonkas never ending gobstopper. 

Not to eat while riding your skateboard either! 
Save the powdered Jell~O for that.

Nothing like stabbing your Little Brother with one when he was annoying too!
In the 80s the company reversed the PoP on the stick precisely for this reason.
Oh well.  The Astro PoP crash landed and was discontinued.

But~ there is rumor that it will be blasting off again in Fall 2010.
{pu pu pu POW! fireworks}

I'm actually looking for molds to make my own. 
After searching for a looong  bit of time, I found them. 
Out of stock!
The search goes on.

That brings us to PoP Rocks!
Don't even try to protest 
that you didn't drink The Cola and eat The PoP Rocks
to see if The Stomach would explode!
and all it got You was a really bad tummy...blech.

Amazingly, pEEps still! believe that. 

Now The Little Space Zims enjoy these as much as I did.


  1. Pop rocks. What a crazy candy that was/is. Candy cigarettes were my favorite. :)


  2. {Melissa ~ hahaha, I LOVE Candy Cigarettes.
    They go right along with my weird love of ashtrays too!