Friday, June 11, 2010

UFO ashtrays

ok, i have a thing for ashtrays...srsly, I do.
My most favorite one I had,
was one I got from a Turkish airport years ago.
It eventually broke to  bits.

One, they remind me of my dad. 
He was a SERIOUS! smoker, almost 2pack a day habit
of NON filter Pall Mall. 
Started smoking when he was 12, surprisingly, didn't kill him.

Second, they have a social gathering memory to them. 
Being a Former {but occasional partaking} smoker, 
it invokes memories of group gatherings,
with spirits, food, and merry making,
....weird, but true. 

Third, I like them better than t shirts and shot glasses.
Especially the big ones.
Plus you can use them for other things, like incense, and jewelry.

Does that mean I want dirty stinky ashtrays laying around?

I totally want one of these.
I don't even want to use it; its just so CooL looking.


  1. ooh you are weird, but I like ya!!

  2. {Minky ~ lol, well, I warned you. and I'm glad that I'm still liked, quirks and all!