Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Cherry Vanilla Ice Cream, Wings, and Lightening Bugs

Time wise, this is the first day of  SuMMer.
Weather wise, it started two wEEks ago
Spiritually Nature wise,  its in a few wEEks.

Three things are powerful snap backs to SuMMer for Me, 
plain and simple {as were my SuMMers}

CheRRy VaniLLa Ice Cream

the band Wings

Lightening Bugs

Two of those are even more powerful for they are powered by LoVe, 
and memories of  The Coolest Grandma.

She loved CheRRy VaniLLa Ice Cream, 
 I clearly remember sitting under Her carport, on the steps eating it.
I remember the Light bouncing through the Leaves
and Lisa Bell was there.
I wasn't to fond of the ice cream, but I sure loved the CheRRies.

the band Wings is pretty much the band that is my childhood. 
Every song reminds Me of some moment in time. 
Sure there are LOTs of others but not whole albums like wings. 
{Saturday Night Fever and Grease were late 70s 
more late elementary for me, Kuwait and Turkey}

then, there are ...the Lightening Bugs.
It saddens me that I no longer see them. 
That I cannot go into my backyard and capture a mason jar full, 
be mesmerized, and then let them go.
WE don't have any.
I've also noticed how I no longer see stinging caterpillars, 
and the dragonflies have changed colors.
I believe its because they spray for mosquitoes and it also kills other insects.

  The Coolest Grandma's favorite memory was 
from a night I spent the night with her as a child. 
We lay in bed talking, and this Lightening Bug walked across the ceiling. 
I remember Her pointing it out, and we just laid there, 
talking and watching the Firefly. 
She always talked about that.
I've started a painting a dedication to that,
and one day, when I'm finished, I will post the pictures.

So yes, this is the first day of SuMMer, time wise.
Great things to look forward to:

perhaps making CheRRy VaniLLa Ice Cream from scratch;

Finish the Painting;

Wings on the radio.

Silly Love Songs ~ Wings