Saturday, May 22, 2010

Priscillas Earthly Delights ~ 10

  This time Priscilla is giving back. 

For our anniversary
The Chook Man totally scored some righteous Man~bath supplies.

Who da Man?
He da Man!

He's interested in Musk, and I've been wanting to buy him Kiehls Musk.
I've consistently heard good things about them.
For the Trip, the treats included the Scent, the Body Cleanser, the Lotion.

Free Samples, too....which is always a Plus!

In our foray to The Mall for My Treats, We a~spied the Kiehls counter right across the aisle.
Having already enjoyed their products, He added to it.
The Shave Cream,  The Close Shavers, and a Facial Fuel.

omg. The layering is just Heavenly.
Makes a Man smell good!

He is thoroughly enjoying them all.
As am I.

My Man, The Chook Man
{Chuck does all my stunts}
...after all,  what Man doesn't LoVe a little show of appreciation?

{I also make Him flex his muscles for Me.}
I know, right?

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