Thursday, May 13, 2010

Elvis renews The Vows

Burning LoVe ~ Elvis

Todays the day.
After a very leisurely morning, 
We made our reservations at the Wedding Chapel. 
To renew our vows, by none other than Elvis.

But first we went shopping. 
Did our tourist look~see on the strip, 
took some pictures as we headed to the Mall. 
Yeah yeah I know, but that's where the prize was.
The prize being a new lipstick for Me
and some more Kiehls for The Chook Man.
We loaded up on a few touristy gifts too.

After lunch we headed back to the room 
where I commenced a Goddess Beauty Ritual 
and we donned our wedding attire. 
I've had this outfit planned for MONTHS!

We grabbed a taxi to our destination for our appointed meeting with the Great One.
And celebrated our Tenth Anniversary.

Afterward, We walked across the street to the Cuban Cigar shop
where The Chook Man celebrated by buying a cigar.
I celebrated by splurging on a pack of Clove Cigarettes from the head shop next door.

For the next hour, every where we went, Congratulations was heralded from high and low...

It was an evening I will never forget.

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