Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Mother's Day Classroom project ~ Herbal Soap balls

  Herbal Soap balls

Project with The LittLe Ones!
By now You probably know,
I LoVe to do projects with The Blu Man's class.
This project has been on the shelves of my brain grooves quite a while.
I remember doing them while in Brownies.
Perfect chance to try them out.


Plain Ivory soap 
{especially since you don't know which Child may have allergies}
                             approx. 1 large bar per child. 
                             I used the small bar and it barely made two, Small,
                             soaps, per bar per child.

Fresh and/or Dried Herbs  {I bought Chamomile, and we picked fresh   
                                      rosemary and Chocolate Mint from the 
                                      school  garden}

Large plastic bowls ~ {one for the chopped soap, and one to mix        
                                the chopped soap with the herbs}

Bowl of water
Food processor
Ice cream scoop
Foil or wax paper for work area
Coffee filters {optional}


I used the food processor to chop the soap the night before the project.
If you're doing a group activity, I highly recommend this.
It does two things:
*saves time when you're rushing the next day to make it on time
*lets' you gauge for the right amount

Another good reason to use Ivory is its softness.
I had three bars of a plain DIAL? soap, and it wouldn't chop for nothing!
the soap nice and fluffy after choppage.

The next day.....

I don't know why I never thought of this but we did the project outside.
Most of the kids LoVed it.
Some complained about it being to "messy".
When i asked those kids what they like to do, the response was video games.
Nothing wrong with video games unless that's all you do!

This is the fresh Chocolate Mint that I used.
The main picture is made with these. It really was lovely.

Mix your Herbs in with the Chopped Soap and mix it well.
Using the Ice Cream Scooper, scoop a nice full round, 
and put it on the work sheet.

Let the kids wet their fingertips
and begin shaping the Mixture.
I used the Coffee Filters for the Kids to place the soap balls on and dry.
They made decorated paper bags with the teacher later.
There you have it.
Happy Mothers Day!

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