Sunday, May 9, 2010

I'm the MoMMy!

Flaming June by Fredrick Lord Leighton

yes yes, It was all about Me! hahahahaa...
The LoVeLy family let Me sleep late this morning. 
A most favorite treat.
After a relaxing morning, and two of my favorite movies

Muriel's Wedding 
Mambo Italiano 
{ is your son gravely ill? {crying: noooo, he's gravely gay.} lol

Then it was off to Pj's Coffee for lunch, downtown, it was The Chuck's treat.
{Chuck does all my stunts!}

The Oldest Son gave me Walnut Brownies from Whole foods.

The Blu~man and The Little Chicka 
gave me a whole assortment of handmade things!

A new tradition was started with 
The Turkish Mother and The Yankee Sister in Law..
We have decided that We will celebrate Mother's Day
the Saturday before, together.
Then that way, We can each spend The Mother's Day
with Our Individual Families.

How CooL is that???

I hope this finds each and every one of You
Celebrating being a Mom.

and I will leave you with this:

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