Saturday, May 15, 2010

Penn & Teller ~ We Were There


The Turkish Mother totally scored on the present front 
by purchasing us tickets to Penn & Teller for Our 10th Anniversary gift.
Front AND Center.

I had my outfit picked out..two months ago!

This day in its self was a Holiday, 
one the Holiday HoHo queen was totally enjoying,
like Yulemas in May.

We relaxed, 
I did the most complete and total Goddess Beauty Ritual, I could do.
Even my hair cooperated! muah!

It was Fantastic.

Teller picked me to help with a simple trick. 
The Liquid~poured in Cone~turned to GLiTTeR bit.

I made Copper scoop the glitter up after the show! hahahahaha!
I did. 

Turned it into a Cheesy Tourist Gift and Souvenir! yep there's a post!
It was our last night in Vegas and this was the surprise in the LiTTLe Blue Box.

Priscilla says Hell Yeah.

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