Friday, May 14, 2010

Mr. Gnome


My, My! Mr. Gnome doesn't handle his Vegas well.....

That's right. 
He was there.
But he ain't talkin.
So I will.

The G~nome G~Man is packed safely away in the carry on.
oh the indignity! 
 Finally, landed and roomed. Ahhh, the view. 
How Fascinating!
Much better than the one I had on the Plane.

Nap Time

up and GnomeGroomed for the night...
I feel rather Sexy!
Let's get this GnomeGrOOve on.
geez, more freakin pictures! 
what do I look like to you? 
a commercial?

At 4am, Mr. Gnome, whom has forgotten the woom kee, stumbles into the door

{singing quite slurrily: the wheels on the bussss go round and round}
 Mr. Gnome had a good time.

Back into the suitcase 20 minutes later for flight home.
That's Just Bull Honkery!

Not a happy camper.

Mr. Gnome is back at home gardening.

This moment of silliness brought to you 
by the We Had A Vacation in Vegas association

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