Thursday, May 20, 2010

Last Day of School, Gifts, and Summer Officially starts at 3:47 pm....

today is a bit overwhelming.
I'm a bit teary today, 
and that's something new.

It was great being so involved with my son's classroom and working with his teacher, Mr.L
Starting from last summer 
when we painted the mural in his classroom, 
to all the projects, 
and roommothering...
I find it sad that it is ending.

Mr. L texted me early this morning 
and asked me to come by the room, 
he had something for me.
We get there and 
he hands me this beautiful box from L'occitane1

Inside were Two Rose soaps, 
a Rose Shimmering lotion, 
and a regular Lotion.

I LoVe Rose!
I LoVe anything Beauty related!
I LoVe ShiMMer.....

{Priscilla dabs her eyes; its just grand when someone shows they appreciate you by gifting you things that are totally them; it makes the gift doubly~bubbly}

There was also a gift card from all three 3rd grade teachers
for my favorite Coffee Shop, 
as a treat for helping with the Leap testing.

I feel so Appreciated!

so we begin our Summer....

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