Friday, May 7, 2010


Orange is a color that smells like it sounds, and looks....
Way before any one else was using it, I had a bright orange wall.
I used my black and white art work, and a kit kat  clock to decorate said orange wall.
Everybody oooh'd and ahhh'd. 
It was great.

Orange was Tang when I was a kid
Now, My oranges come chocolate shaped!

Orange muffins are lovely packed for a hike in the woods.
{I was totally smackers for Otis Spunkmeyer's Orange Muffins; can't find them anymore}

Orange is both Yulemas and Summer both.

I want to open an Art GaLLery and call it "TAnGeRiNe".... yep.

This bag takes me back to late elementary/ middle school/ high school when I was forever making bags out of old jeans or fabric place mats!
I think Corduroy is CooL.
Mine would be so full of stuff it was amazing I could find anything

Quirky and Whimsical! 
{how many is that on the scrabble board???}
Plus! its got Heart...
I Have An Orange Heart brOOch.

Seriously check out this shop...there are some Whimsi~licious things going on...

Now this is just Divine.

Divine, Darling!

I was raised on tea, and being Turkish Tea,

it was and is a MiNi~Production*of*an~AFternoon~Holiday.
Cheese, bread, olives, sour cherry preserves.
If it was summer, there was VERY fresh fruits and vegetables
 Earl Grey from my college and single parent days.
Peace and Love....
These pieces are all that wrapped into one....Be One.
I'm not sure about the price on this, but it is a lovely set.


{NOT my size}

From tea to hot chocolate, this little orange enamel pot seems like it 
would be perfect for a small cup of hot chocolate before bed. 

Everything about this is super....
Its the perfect piece to wear for an outside dinner 
with The Chuck Man, downtown, at one of our top eateries.

I'm especially fond of that wide band across the top.
I'm especially fond of the fact that it's a Wraparound skirt.
I like the print.

These just make Me smile.
 These and the scent of Patchouli...
no other clothing necessary!

Orange is just MeLLow.
Some might say "but YeLLow is more meLLow.."
No, Yellow is HaPPy, like, Really Happy...Hope Happy.

Orange is the deep happy you get when passion is taking a nap............

Orange mOOn ~ Erykah Badu

Orange Corduroy Bag

I Have an Orange Heart

Vintage Japanese Cherry Blossom Tea Set

Orange Enamel Pot

Valencia orange wrap around skirt

Little Moons Crocheted Earrings

Tangerine Mary Janes


  1. Yellow is my favourite colour, but you have just persuaded me that orange could be a close second! Thanks for all your comments on my blog. I've just started a giveaway if you'd like to partake! Marie x

  2. {minky ~ you're so welcome. Thank you for continuing to visit mine. The only thing missing is the Orange Sherbert...or, the Dreamsicle!

  3. Thanks for featuring my bunny! He sends you a big smile! :)