Sunday, May 16, 2010

ChEEsy Tourist Gifts and Souvenirs

 I LOVE me some cheesy souvenirs,  
I most especially LoVe ashtrays.

Yeah, well, we all have our quirks.

 The LoVeLy little GLiTTeR bottle is from the Penn & Teller show.

No, don't bring me a t shirt!
Damn it, bring Me an ashtray.

That whole retro feel,  
the glaring Vegas logo, 
and that nifty ass spring.

This is what I got all The Bigger Kids Who Claim to Be AD~ults.....
They loved them too.

They do SO much more than hold ciggy butts:
*they hold jewelry
*they hold coins
*they hold incense

yep, Ver~sah~tyle!

After The Chook Man, gathered up my fancy GLiTTeR bits, 
I stuffed them, dried beer and all, 
into this miniature Genie bottle for a Souvenir!

that way the Light sparkling off the GLiTTeR will match the sparkle in my Eye, as I fondle the bottle, and fondly recall that night.....

just call it Precious.

Yes, I LoVe Me some Cheesy Gifts and Souvenirs!

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