Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Typical Tourist Attractions

 We did the walk through on The Strip.
I can't believe how much Vegas has changed since I lived there in the early 70s.
I had to ask the Shuttle Driver if that was the original Ceasar's Palace
as We drove by, because it was nothing like I remembered.
I think they shrunk the Fountains to a 1/3 of what it used to be.

I do like the "river" and was Very! tempted to do the Gondola Ride,
but we were on a mission, so off we went.
There is so much on the Strip that its overwhelming.
We just took a few shots of the ones we liked best.

Who wouldn't like to play on that!?
The floor show at the Rio. Well, the ceiling show.
The ride went around the casino while people wriggled around on it.
I wouldn't call it dancing.
It was interesting still.

The night sky lit up.
From the hotel and casino next to us.

It was like New Orleans on super steroids. But it was fun!

On our next trip I think we might just get a little bit more touristy and actually stay on the strip.

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