Tuesday, December 6, 2011

GLiTTeR Acorns

 Easy craft and lots of fun.
And they look GREAT on the Tree.

PiPe Cleaners
Green Wire

Gathering the Acorns is a great Family Do~gether!
The bigger your acorns the better.

Once you've collected your Acorns,
separate the cap from the acorn and
make sure they are clean and dry.

First decorate the Caps; they will need time to dry.
I used Elemers Glue and Silver GLiTTeR.
Spread liberally, not drowningly, the Glue on the cap.

You can also GLiTTeR the Acorn and leave the Cap natural
{I can't find my pics of those!}

Using a small drill bit {I used my Dremel} drill hole in Cap to insert hanger.

For the hanger, Sparkalicious PiPe Cleaners really rock,
as does the Green Wire.
Using any needle nose, flat nose, etc. pliers
to crinkle the Wire adds a really great accent.

Secure hanger with some Glue.
Place enough Glue to adhere to the Acorn and reattach the Cap.

Using a bowl of rice, or sand/dirt, beans
is great for setting the acorns up while they set up and dry.

Once the GLiTTeRed Acorns are completely dry,
hang on Tree, 
or any other surface
and Enjoy.

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