Monday, December 19, 2011

Bayou Book Eater Up~per

Our School Librarian has seen a project that she really liked,
and asked if I could do one for the Library.
It was a book deposit that looked like a mouth, that would eat the books.
Yep, sure, No Problem.

I was able to complete it in two days.
I ended up using a sheet of Cabinet Plywood. 
It was smoother, cleaner, 
and didn't have that awful smell
that a lot of plywood seems to have these days.

The first day was spent on cutting...
measure, measure, and then measure again.
I used a circle saw but a table saw
would have been so much easier and smoother.
A jigsaw was used to cut out the mouth.
Lightly sand the edges of the outside and the mouth.

I spent the whole day Monday, doing the art work.
At first I was going to use my Tempra paint but instinct told me 
to do a little googling to see if it would work.
Just as I thought, Tempra will most likely flake off. 
So to be on the safe side, I went with my Acrylics.
I gessoed/ primed the board and let dry. 
It does tend to dry rather quickly, which is good.
Sketched out the design and started painting.
  I didn't stop til it was done!
I brought it to school the next day,
and Lady Librarian was oh so happy.
One of the Dads did a great job of attaching the board
all neatly and lovely to the desk.
This way it can be changed out or moved easily and with little damage to the desk.

The Kiddos have really been enjoying it
and what better compliment can you get???


  1. That is the cutest thing I have seen in a long time. I wish I could buy one somewhere, because I know I won't be able to make it.

  2. {Nellie ~ Thank You! I bet you could pay an art student in your area to do one. I like your blog too! it's so cool!