Sunday, December 4, 2011

Holiday Birthday Parties....

 We have three kids with birthdays
BEFORE the Holidays, 
so money can be verra tight.
No need for the Birthdays 
to be a hassle or expensive~

For the Ninja Your Heart Out Daughter, 
parties are the highlight of Her life. 
{sniffle sniffle, makes a mother proud}

party favors
I found a great way
for Her 
to still have Her Party
{without crying}
and still manage the Holidays.

 After Her party got relocated a few years ago 
from the Park to the House, 
I had to come up with a to~do quickly.
Luckily, I had some left over 
Snowman Ornament Crafts that were perfect.
It was a hit.

You can buy plenty of inexpensive crafts kits 
from any Art/Hobby/Craft Store. 
For $5, I bought a foam Ornament Kit from WallieWorld 
that had plenty plus more to go around. 
They even had enough to make some for Their Siblings.

We did the usual Pizza Run, 
but made it WAYYY more fun, 
by letting them have a Night Picnic. 
Not to mention, clean up was A breeze! O'Lo! 

Since I made two sets of
baking and caking already,
We opted for a night with
Beignet Fingers and Hot Cocoa...
so convenient for little ones hands.

For Party Favors, 
we did PaPer Whites
instead of those 
little grab bags.
Places like Home Depot have a bag of 
PaPer White Bulbs 6 for $4/approx.
I needed two bags.
I caught mine on sale 50% off!

A small bag 
of Potting Soil, 
Medium Plastic Cups, 
and Sweet Little Lady, 
you've got Party Favors! 

That right there, pEEps...
that's how you become a Holiday HoHo Queen~

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