Thursday, December 8, 2011

December ~ Sagitarrius the Archer

      "I won't eat any cereal 
that doesn't turn the milk PurPLe."
~ Bill Watterson 


Hush ~ Deep Purple

Elvis would be impressed with these Suede LoVeLies....

Chompa ChompChomp, hookers.
I'm a T~rex AND I'm Purple.
Double CooL.

Lagniappe: I'm also a planter! 

When you wish upon a Star...

 maybe it could be for this dress!

 PurPLe Suede Mary Janes ~ Bethlesvintage

 T~rex Planter ~ BloominHappy2009

 Star Bracelet ~ WaterHorseStudios

 PurPLe Houndstooth Dress ~ ArtAffect

Neon PurPLe Cow ~ LeLand Johnson

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