Friday, December 9, 2011

GLiTTeR PineCones

Continuing with the Ornament Creations
We gathered up some pine cones
Brought them home and then
"baked" them in the oven on 225
for a couple of hours because
they were wet and needed to be dried out,
which opens them back up.

DO NOT amp up the oven temp to try and hurry up the process,
for you shall haveth burnt smoking pine cones....

*Pine Cones
*PiPe Cleaners or other hanging material
{we used Sparkalicious PiPe Cleaners,
but CoLoRfuL Yarn would work really well, too}

Once they are dried and opened up sufficiently,
all that's left is to twist the pipe cleaner to the top,
dribble glue on all sides.
Don't Drobble,
or you'll have great big blobs of sporadic GLiTTeR.

Shake pine cone firmly, but gently to 
remove excess glitter.
Set up to let dry.
Once it's dry 
add randomly to your tree for 
some extra sparkly goodness in the Yulemas spirit.

{it's looking more and more like I need a new camera!}

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