Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Melissa Mejia Rizik

oh my my, oh hell yes...

can you say oFF tHe WaLL?
and I mean that is a very grOOvy CooL way!

Melissa Rizik is another one of those Artists that I stumbled upon.
Her works are edgy, and in your face!

She has a lot of the same techniques that I favor in other Artists, 
the Sensual, Erotic display, Her control and rendering of the female form...
This painting reminds me of New Orleans 
and it's Saucy Women!

Her chiaroscuro piece {at top, left} really nails
the Light and Dark. Check out that Hair!

Now, this is a piece I could really get into...
and the Illustration is grand too!
My two favorite childhood crush Heroines in this Threesome~
Honey Honey, how you thrill Me.

 This is definitely an Artist to keep up with. 


1 comment:

  1. kelly! your post has uplifted me! ..i have not been feeling well lately (sad and uninspired) but when someone like you appreciates what i do for a living , it gives me strength to go on and do what i love to do.... paint! ....thank you...... melissa