Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Magnificient Movie Marathon Holiday

 Yes, yes indeed.
What a fine day.
The Mates and Me
have been waiting 3! months for this day...

an all day Movie Marathon.

 The only thing that
could have made this better 
would have been to see it in pajamas. 

We read Hugo Cabret last summer and fell in LoVe with it.

The book was edgier than the movie,
and there were some comic relief scenes not from the book,
but the visuals were stunning.

If you have any child on your Present List that LoVes to read,
then get this book. 
{We also discovered recently Wonderstuck, Brian Selznick's newest book.}. 
Then we found out about the movie.

In that continuing wave of movie goodness, 
The Muppets announce a new movie.
Oh Yeah!...
We Are Muppets!

and both movies opened on the same day.
So both movies we must see.
The kids were on Cloud 9....

I laughed... a lot.
So did my WombMates.
and The Chook Man.

The biggest complaint I had was
that in trying to fit in so much Muppetness, 
many of the scenes were way too short
{think: Animal's drum scene....waaayyy to short}

What a Treat~
two movies in the same day.
and of course, I wore OPI's Meep Meep Meep polish in honor of this day!

Lagniappe: Both movies were a hit!
maniacal laugh; maniacal laugh; maniacal laugh....

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