Thursday, November 3, 2011

My "VinTaGe" Art....or work i've done in the past

This piece is one that was more fun, than hard.
A class project where we took a piece of art
from a favorite artist and put our Selves in the painting.

At the time I was really big into Klimt
{along with Dead Can Dance and Nag Champa}

I still LoVe Klimt.
{along with Dead Can Dance and Nag Champa}

Using my ultimate fave way of drawing:
I went with Klimt's Danae.

One thing I did learn was this:
My professor knew right off that I had used a photo
because of the flatness of the light/dark contrast in the face.
This taught me to really look at how the Light is hitting
which has always been a problem for Me.

I really must look into going back to School!

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