Saturday, November 26, 2011

Pre Holiday Room Remodel

Small remodel jobs can be great
right before the holidays.
Especially if you do it Thanksgiving
to get ready for Yulemas.
This is the Holiday Deep Cleaning
that we all want and need.

The Daughter was promised a slumber party for her birthday,
coupled with the extra finances from working,
it was time to make it happen. 

We took out the attic access in her room,
had the ceiling fixed, and then painted.
We have an extra mattress set
that is excellent for overnight guests.
It's also her favorite place to take a nap!

The Son was at the point he needed his own room also.
The shelves were made by the Chook Man's Brother years ago,
and had already been painted the same Blue as his room.
It's perfect for displaying his Lego sets.
Those clear plastic buckets are just the Peach!
Get an assortment of assorted sized buckets,
2 or 3 rolling drawer units,
and any Kiddo can be neat!
that's Neato!

They have the same IKEA Kura reversible beds,
one as a Loft,
the other as a Canopy.
She's also using her Night Sky{Kura Bed Tent}

Both rooms have the same Closet set up:
sliding doors, shelved closet, sliding doors, full across top.

EVERY single one of them,
was cleaned out, went through, sorted and straightened.
After all the cleaning and such {we did our closet also},
we had almost 3 full truck loads to donate.
Two loads of trash went to the road.
I swear you could feel the closets breathing better..

The kiddos got their own rooms
and everything is bright, shiney, and new...
The whole House feels lighter.

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