Wednesday, November 9, 2011

FaLL Fest Photo Stand~In prop

 The theme for FaLL Fest was Fiesta! this year.
The SiSnLaw asked if I could do some kind of decoration 
with a Mariachi Band.
Of course.

It took me two months to come to the 11th hour with it~

The Idea Thought Train went like this:
Plywood and Tempra Paint ~ Yeah! No! 
400 overly excited kids running around;
no need for anyone to get squished.

Giant Piece of Foam Board ~ Yeah! No! 
Couldn't find one big enough.
Taping together multi pieces expensive and crappy looking.

Sheet ~ Yeah! No!
That's gonna use a LOT of Paint.
Fellow Artistic Friends come through with the Right Idea.

Appliance Box Cardboard.

Using a giant piece of Cardboard
I covered the front part with White RoLL PaPer 
{usually found in your school's office or art class}
and Spray Adhesive.
I did have to use two pieces, but the seam was near perfect.

Onward to the drawing,
I used my Projector to quickly sketch out the figures.
Then the Fun part!
Bring on the Rainbow....Tempra Paints, Hello~

Word of Warning:
Cardboard plus PaPer makes for VERY Absorbent canvas..
Test paint before starting actually Board.

I did 2 to 3 layers for each color to get it really Vibrant.

 Here's a sample of the playlist for said Artwork:

After I finished all the painting and outlining,
I laid the board on the ground, traced around a paper plate,
and cut it out with a Sharp Blade.
CoLoRful Duct Tape was used for the edges and packing tape on the pack.
This also helped create a sturdy binding for the rope to go through and not tear.
Using a Philips Head Screw driver, 
I punched holes across the top and a few down the side,
and wove the rope into it.
I hung it up between two poles with plenty of room behind it.
Hung some ribbon and there ya go.

Got Photo?

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