Sunday, November 27, 2011

Construction PaPer Chain

I really wanted to
keep it simple this year.
If I can avoid 
dragging all the stuff
from the attic out, 
hey, Gold Stars for me!

Here's a good old fashioned, from my childhood
and beyond, craft that was
* Easy
  * Cheap
* Fun

This is the first time my Wombers have done this craft.
And they had so much fun. 

*Construction PaPer
*X~acto Knife or Razor
*Ruler {I used Metal so the blade wouldn't
           catch on the Wood}
*Glue {We used a Glue Gun}

I used an old cookie sheet 
for cutting the strips.
Line the paper 
up in a corner,
set your Ruler,

I cut varied widths 
to make it 
more interesting.

They had a blast,
and we've gotten lots of 
compliments on the Garland.

sigh. I miss Kindergarten!

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